Kawaii Giga Next Level Pigment Dyed Men's Tank 7433

WARNING: This product is pigment-dyed, which sometimes results in an inconsistent color across the garment.  This is normal, and provides a "vintage" look to the garment.  It is advised to wash the garment inside-out, on a gentle cycle, and line dry only to avoid the color bleeding.



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        Printing quality

        Big Frog Marietta uses a printing process called Direct to Garment Printing. Direct to Garment Printing, or DTG, is a huge leap forward in custom garment technology. DTG Imbeds ink directly into the fibers of the garment and is effectively redying the fabric. Because computer programs and computer displays do not accurately display embedded ink on a colored garment, there may be a difference between what is on the computer monitor and the final product you receive.